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Seth M. Jones, MD

  • Clinical Neurophysiology (EMG, EEG)*
  • Stroke, Medical Director Stroke Program 

Juan C. Barrera, MD

  • Epilepsy (EEG)

Michael J. Baccoli, MD

  • Clinical Neurophysiology (EEG, PSG)
  • Sleep Medicine
Michael D. Kim, DO
  • Clinical Neurophysiology (EMG, EEG)
  • Neuromuscular Medicine 
  • Movement Disorder and Botox

Ralf W. Vandersluis, MD

  • Clinical Neurophysiology (EMG, EEG, PSG)
  • Sleep Medicine
  • Botox 

Practice Manager

Amy Phillips 

* EMG: electromyography, EEG: electroencephalogram, PSG: polysomnogram (sleep study)


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